Modern Grand Tour with Garlen Lo is a travel vlog exploring the history and culture of 31 cities in 10 countries. 


With the initial impetus of attending his best friend's wedding in Sydney, Garlen left London 

travelling via land and sea reaching the Far East 

coast of Russia before taking his first flight.

His highlight was the 30 days in Russia where he rode the length of the Trans-Siberian Railway and 

Couchsurfed with locals along the way.

The vlog has been three times award-nominated by Travel Media Awards (2019 and 2018) and TravMedia UK (2019).

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The first leg of the journey in Europe is centred around walking tours.



      Ep1 Brussels, Ghent, Bruge EU, Congo, Crusades



      Ep2 Amsterdam Drugs, Red light district, Anne Frank 


      Ep3 Berlin WW2, Berlin Wall, Street art

      Ep4 Hamburg FC St Pauli, Beatles, Hanseatic League 


      Ep5 Aarhus Cuisine, Christian X, Hygge  

      Ep6 Copenhagen Carlsberg, HC Andersen, Christiania


      Ep7 Stockholm ABBA, Vasa ship, Vikings


      Ep8 Helsinki Saunas, Language, Nature

The second leg is across Russia, riding the full length of the Trains-Siberian Railway and Couchsurfing with locals in each town along the way.


      Ep9   St Petersburg Peter the Great, Fabergé, Hermitage

      Ep10 Moscow Kremlin, Yuri Gagarin, Gulag

      Ep11 Vladimir and Suzdal Christianisation, Mongols

      Ep12 Nizhny Novgorod Food, Palace of Culture

      Ep13 Perm Gulag, Politics

      Ep14 Yekaterinburg Nicholas II's death, Class, Modern history

      Ep15 Tobolsk and Tyumen Siberian history, Tatars, Rasputin

      Ep16 Novosibirsk Swear words, USSR's black market, Race 

      Ep17 Irkutsk and Olkhon Island Shamanism, Lake Baikal 

      Ep18 Ulan-Ude Buryat culture

      Ep19 Trans-Siberian Railway Tickets, Costs, Tips 

      Ep20 Khabarovsk WW2 death toll, Russian demeanour, China

      Ep21 Vladivostok Asian influence, Russian leg conclusion  

The third and final leg in Asia and Australia is accompanied by new and old friends.


      Ep22 Seoul K-pop, Korean War, Suicides


      Ep23 Osaka Instant noodles, Red light district 

      Ep24 Kyoto Buddhist Temples

      Ep25 Tokyo Manga, Kawaii, Sex, WW2, Sumo


      Ep26 Melbourne Indigenous, Ned Kelly, Sport

      Ep27 Sydney The Wedding

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