'Top-notch' ThisIsTheMusic 

'Very talented' Banks Radio Australia 

'Off-the-wall, but in a good way!' Indies With Marky 

'Loves to tell a story and does it really well' The Songbird 

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G   a   r   l   e   n

L   o


'Truly unique sound... refreshing break away from the mainstream' RGM 

'A student of melody... takes a cue from the best songwriters that England has produced over the past centuries and often matches their ability and charm' Alt77 

Quirky indie-popster from London. Likes singalongs and wordplay. AKA Hong Kong Cockney*

Garlen Lo is a born and bred Londoner of Hong Kong-Chinese origin. 

Aged 8 he was fostered to a wine-guzzling auntie who played country music at max volume. One Christmas, he got a guitar and took naturally to writing drunken singalongs with twee wordplay.

He formed an unruly, skinny-jeaned indie band but after that imploded, tried to become a respectable member of society. Not quite succeeding at that either, he resumed his love for songwriting during the pandemic and has subsequently released four singles - all of which have been chosen as 'record of the week' by different music magazines.

Influences: Beatles, Blur, Belle and Sebastian

*For a short time, he went by the artist name Hong Kong Cockney but lacked the confidence to see it through. He likes it as a nickname though, like Springsteen's The Boss.

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The Fourth Single - 3 Nov 2023

'Steve Rogers'

A song about being a superhero to the one you love... despite having no superpowers. 

Download at Bandcamp.


The Fourth Single 

Steve Rogers

A song about being a superhero to the one you love... despite having no superpowers. 

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The Third Single

London, Tell Me Why

A love letter to London and sequel to 'Waterloo Sunset': What if Terry and Julie broke up?

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The Second Single 

Lover's Lover

A real story about modern dating: online apps, fluid sexuality, relationship types... and social distancing.

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The Debut Single

Captain Elon

A happy-sad-hopeful-satirical all-in-one and a state of the world reflection: AI robots, climate change, fake news, and online power. Only one person can save us...

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